DailyDizzle.com | Creator | 2010

I was tired of getting an email each day from 5 different daily deal sites, so I created a daily deal aggregation site over a weekend.  Never really launched it (due to having full time work).  Sold it a few months later for a very small amount to some guy in Arizona who contacted me… and has since let the site just sit there.

Not responsible for the stale content.


ChipotleLovers.com | Creator | 2003

Designed & developed an online community site for fans of Chipotle Mexican Grill.  The first of it’s kind at the time, the site allowed users to create, save & share their favorite burrito combinations and check off Chipotle locations they’d visited.  

Press in the Denver area led to Chipotle flying myself and two friends out to Chipotle HQ to meet the team and have lunch with Steve Ells.  We hand delivered the results of our “Guac the Vote” competition where users voted and pleaded for Chipotle to build a location in their hometown.